This is a guide to spriting. It will center around spriting pokemon, but you can follow the same steps for spriting other things. This one is covering the basics. It looks simple, but don't just turn away from this.

Step 1: Finding Your Subjects

Find some pokemon that go well together if you mix them. In this case, we are using a Kabutops and a Metang. I know it might seem impossible to find good sprite to draw on, but pokemonelite2000.com has a sprite index so that's a good place to start.

Step 2: 1. Using Paint

Use Paint while spriting
To start your fuzion, decide which sprite will have added parts. To take parts from the other pokemon, hit ctrl+PgUp to zoom in, then use free-form select to cut parts off the one pokemon and drag them to the other.

Step 3: 2. Recolor

Decide which pokemon's colors you would like to use. Use the different shading to match colors. In this case, i made the scythe the color of his nose and the arm the color of the ... blue ... part. ( i know the gray boxes are kinda small )

Step 4: Ta-da

I know i didn't go over the arm, but its just the leg of the kabutops flipped upside-down. You can now sprite pokemon and other things, like getting a kirby sprite and giving him new powers. hope you have fun making sprites and enhancing my directions with new twists.
I've done this before, its really fun!
this is splicing, and not very good quality splicing at that. This is spriting: http://www.spriters-resource.com/community/showthread.php?tid=13868
&nbsp;Here is mine! It is Azelf and Latios!<br /> <br /> <br /> I call it Lazelf!
&nbsp;Image didn't add...
Save as a png not a jpeg it looks more professional.
nice first try :). my first was much worse. Pixel art is easy to learn, I'm 13 and I can do pixel art. Here are <strong>some</strong> of mine <br/>
These are two I made. They are auroros and heatradon.
hetrodons ugly but auroros is cool. the pokemon you used were arbok, solrock, lunatone, rhydon, and blazikan for auroras right?
arbok, typhlosion, marowak, solrock, lunatone, aggron, onyx, absol, and for it's evolution the same, plus charizard and aerodactyl.
Oh my..... the horrorrr! I must shield my eyes!
Look what I made!! is a Salamander. or a blue charmander which ever is easiest. ( I like Salamander more though :D)
Nice, what do you think of my Lapras/Aerodactyl crossing?
Forgot to add the image...
nice he actually looks like a real pokemon
this is a fun hobby i do alot and if you noice my icon is one of my sprites. spriting is a great thing to do whenever you're bored. thanx for bringing thi hobby into instructables.
What is spriting? Adding things together...? No detail...
technically most people who make pixel art *HATE IT* when people do this.<br/><br/>this is cheating, and I strongly suggest no one follow this example.<br/>
so what? its a fun thing to do when your bored and its easy enough that anyone can do it, i say go for your life with this, mix and match your own crazy monsters
Yeah but people like to post things they make by doing this on art sites and claim it as their own when it's clearly not! Have fun all you want, but don't post them up as your own creation unless you enjoy stealing other people's hard work.
Meh I Pixel Art a lot and i really don't mind Frankensteing (correct me if its not the right term) but the one you just showed isn't of great quality.

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