I am raising a flock 22 chickens for eggs. These chickens are being fed custom organic chicken feed but also have free access to a chicken run that normally has a lot of grass. However, during the winter there is no grass and they cannot scratch for bugs because the ground is frozen. They do well on the chicken feed but also should be getting greens to supplement their diet. They do get kitchen scraps but I needed a more consistent source of fresh plant material. To make this happen, I have developed a system for sprouting seeds. This instructable illustrates the process I use. What I am doing is nothing new but it will show how I can make this happen easily in the comfort of my home.

Step 1: Preparing Mung Beans for Sprouting

I visited a local store that sells organic products in bulk to see what was available. I bought a pound of mung beans for about $3. I wasn't sure what mung beans were but I had heard that they were good for sprouting. I later learned that they were part of the legume family and originate in India. Normally, they are used in cooking and the sprouts can be eaten raw. The photo shows a few ounces of raw beans being soaked in water. You do this for 4 to 8 hours. You only want enough beans to cover the bottom of your sprouting container one layer deep. It may not sound like much but this small amount will eventually fill the entire container.

<p>Thanks for sharing this! I have 27 chickens &amp; wondered if 'sprouting' was a viable alternative to no greens at all last winter. </p><p>Questions - Why 1 quart of sprouts [as in why not more]? Did you see any positive effects of the 1 quart of sprouts [per day?]? How easily do sprouted seeds spread out when you 'fling' them to the flock? I remember cleaning sprouts for dinner as a teen. They were a tangled bundle that didn't want to come apart! </p><p>I know that treats entertain chickens &amp; give them something to 'be busy' about. I have Australorps!</p><p>Correction ... VERY spoiled Australorps!</p>
Nice! My 7 chicken family needed some fresh food! Good idea!
Great idea! My girls need some fresh greens this time of year!

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