While doing some yard work over the weekend, I found a few rusty pumpkin lanterns that have been sitting around in the garage for a few too many years. Originally, they were painted matte black inside and out. But seeing how the inside rusted gave me an idea of how to give them a new life.

Since I was doing other work outside and in the garage, I probably only spent a total of 30-40 minutes working on this over the course of the day.

Materials Used:
Steel Wool - had
Rustoleum Matte Black Enamel - had
Rustoleum Engine Enamel Orange - $5.47 home depot
Old newspaper
Painters tape

Step 1: Clean Up and Black Coat

First step was to clean them up.

I rubbed them all down with a medium grit steel wool to get rid of the surface rust, and wiped them off with a dry rag.

Then I gave them a quick base coat of black, inside and out. Let that dry for a bit and came back for a light second coat.
Doing orange on the inside really makes it more pumpkinlike!!! Love it :D

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