Picture of SpurtBot Light Follower-Rocket Brand Studios Tadpole
Well, Chris the Carpenter from Rocket Brand Studios has been hard at work since MakerFaire perfecting a design for a robot kit that can do... anything. Well, almost anything. OK, a lot of things. Cool things that we usually ask basic robots to do. He calls it the Tadpole, and it is very neat.

I'm working with Chris to create some designs that operate without a microcontroller, Inspired by the SpurtBot designs from Rostock University and my own work in this area. (Search Instructables for 'SpurtBot'.)

These designs are based on Rocket Brand Studios' Tadpole Educational model, with the Spurt add-on to the chassis to allow the solderless breadboard to be extended in front of the robot and inverted so sensors can point to the floor. You can easily flip the robot over to work on the circuit.

This Instructable only covers the circuit. To build your Tadpole robot kit, go to this Instructable.


SpurtBots use a simple BEAM-like electronic circuit to create a robotic behavior. odeling robot behaviors in terms humans can easily understand is a helpful way to look at it. This robot's circuit makes it seek light. It will turn towards the brightest local source of light. M

If you like this robot, you can experiment with the other Spurt circuit designs, listed below. Or create your own! Be sure to let Chris and I know if you do, so we can link back to you.
  • Spurt Line Follower (coming soon!)
  • Spurt Shadow Runner (coming soon!)
Anyway, check out this line follower robot in action. You could use this circuit with another robot you build, but Chris has reasonable prices, and the Tadpole is easy to adapt and expand to new purposes, so give it a try!.

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