Step 2: Final Step

Use a heatsink to enclose the circuit mount this on a 9v battery clip. Tune over the radio till u get an aduio output on your mobile. For best result use android phones. This circuit provides a clear audio output before testing it on a android use a high signal radio to find the perfect band tune the presets to get a required band as almost the entire fm band is filed with stations. For the antenna use a small 5cm copper wire . This whole circuit cane also be soldered board less on to a 9v battery clip. But use the heat sink to keep the circuit in one piece . If you don't get a signal check for the connections try changing the coil .
<p>Superb work.</p>
<p>Nice spy Audio instrument.</p>
<p>Nice instrument.</p>
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<p>nice job like this.</p>
<p>great one.</p>
<p>Nice Work Great Job sir.</p>
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<p>great lightwieght and effective</p>
<p>Well done for such good quality using only 48K</p>
<p>can you put up links to get the materials required as well.. Thank you in advance</p>
<p>I don't see anything!!!!!</p>
<p>great lightwieght and effective</p>
<p>what is the size of this</p>
<p>what is the size of this</p>
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<p>useful information !!!!!!!!!</p>
<p>useful stuff</p>
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<p>This is really coll! Would something similar for video work as well?</p><p>Very nice! :)</p>
<p>This is really coll! Would something similar for video work as well?</p><p>Very nice! :)</p>
you mean when there are two parties are talking to each other, we can hear their speech using this Spy Audio, or what ? <br>kindly explain
Whats a 4p7 capacitor ?
4p7 is an abbreviation for 4.7pF
Hello, <br>It seems that you have copied all your photos from here: <br>http://www.talkingelectronics.com/projects/Spy%20Circuits/SpyCircuits-1.html <br> <br> <br>And you got the photo's from the field strength meter from the same site: <br>http://www.talkingelectronics.com/projects/FieldStrengthMeterMkll/FieldStrengthII.html
Nice catch. It all seems to be pretty much copy and paste for both projects. <br>Sigh! This should probably be flagged for removal.
How long will this transmit for?
:) Nice

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