Spy Gear Binoculars! Little Boy crafts! From Toilet Paper rolls!

Picture of Spy Gear Binoculars!  Little Boy crafts!  From Toilet Paper rolls!
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Do you have a little spy?
I do.  When he's not cruising in his jet packs...
he is sneaking around corners with his toy gun in hand.
I figured some spy binoculars were in order!

These are easy!  About 10-15 minutes...
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Step 1: Gathering the supplies!

Picture of Gathering the supplies!
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You will need:
3 toilet paper rolls
hot glue
spray paint
rope or shoelace

Start by cleaning the toilet paper rolls off...I let my 8 and 10 year-old help with that part!
Cut a small 2 inch or so piece off 1 of the tubes.
Make it curve on either side, so it snuggles the tubes on each side.

Step 2: Assembling the binoculars!

Picture of Assembling the binoculars!
wrapping paper rolls upcycle into binoculars.jpg
hot glue and cardboard tubes paper towel rolls.jpg
hot glue binoculars.jpg
Hot glue the 3 pieces in place!
Hold together until the glue dries.

I put a ring of glue on one side, just to make it look different and cool...
sloppy, but cool.

Step 3: Customizing and stringing!

Picture of Customizing and stringing!
tp rolls made into binoculars telescope.jpg
binoculars toilet paper rolls.jpg
binoculars for kids boys toilet paper rolls.jpg
At this point, it's time for customization!

I super lightly misted mine with Gun Metal silver.
You can still see cardboard color in there...but for a 3 year old, it's all about getting it done fast!

Let them dry,
Then punch a hole on either side and tie a shoelace in the holes.  Make sure it comfortably fits around the spies head and neck!

Step 4: Spy Time!

Picture of Spy Time!
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binoculars for little boys.jpg
tp binoculars toilet paper upcycle repurpose.jpg
Your little spy will be ready to prowl!
This was so fast, free and fun!  The results were nearly instant!  For a 3 year old, that's critical!

These would be fun for a preschool, party or gifts!

OutdoorKid2 years ago
U could also buy lenses so that you could see like 20 feet with $1.00 lenses
dirligaf2 years ago
Love the idea, just use some kind of breakable cord for the neck harness. That way the kids will not hang themselves accidentally.
the lace would pull free of the cardboard.
doodlecraft (author)  shantinath10002 years ago
My children have always been really careful with the things they play with...I think it's because I make them help with the them ownership. I wondered if I should reinforce the tube with eyelets or something. The simple fact was that I made it out of when it gets trashed, it will get trashed. After 2 weeks of play they are holding up great, not even smashed yet! :)
If you want to reinforce it I would suggest a piece of tape in and outside the tube then punch a hole through the tape and cardboard sandwich. the tape will help hold the cardboard together. Or you could hot glue a washer to the side where the hole is.
doodlecraft (author)  dirligaf2 years ago
Yep, you could definitely do something like that! :)
doodlecraft (author)  doodlecraft2 years ago
But, I think Shantinath1000 is right, the tube will tear before there is a problem...
That is so adorable! So perfect and so simple to make :D
doodlecraft (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Thanks again! You have to go cheap when a 3 year old is involved...that way you aren't heartbroken when they are destroyed! :) He used them last night to gaze at the moon! :)