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This is a vest with many pockets for travelling.  It is customizeable, made out of a vest and shirt I bought at  a thrift store.

This instructable was inspired by a few different items on the market.  Basically it is just a vest with a lot of pockets in it, some of which are not immediately visable.   I am assuming that you have basic sewing experience. This is down and dirty sewing, so do not be offended if my seams are showing.  :)

     Disclaimer: This vest is just for fun.  It is made for travelling, and not for smuggling or anything illegal.  I am not responsible for what you choose to do with it.  Be careful wearing it thru airports.  :) 
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Step 1: To Begin:

Picture of To Begin:
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So, first you need a long sleeve shirt and a vest, approximately the same size.  You can try them together, turning the shirt inside out to see if they will work, and are close to the same size.  Another thing that would be handy is if you can find a shirt made out of fabric which does not have a "Right" side, so that both sides of the fabric look pretty much the same.  This is because you will be flipping the tail end of the shirt up and the "Wrong" side will show.
I went to my local thrift store and bought a fleece vest that I thought would work for this, and then I went and fell in love with this silver shirt.  If you are really trying to be surreptious, I would use a shirt that is the same color as your vest, though.  I also made a mistake in buying a shirt that was smaller than my vest, and telling myself it would still work, which was dumb.  :)  Buy a shirt that is the same size or a little larger as your vest, it will save you work.  The less altering you have to do, really, the better.  One of the things that people say about these kind of vests is that they are kind of hot to wear.  If that is an issue for you, I would suggest a vest (and shirt) made out of lighter  breatheable material.  However, the polar fleece was really forgiving and hid my extra sewing well, so keep that in mind.

Basically, what you are doing is flipping the shirt inside out and using it as a lining for the vest.  I would pick a shirt with long "tails" so you will have deeper pockets.

1.  Cut the sleeves off of the shirt, leaving yourself sufficient seam allowance to turn under around the arms. The armholes of the vest and the armholes of the shirt might not match, so keep this in mind as you are putting together your vest.  You will probably have to adjust a little.

2.  Trim the collar off, right next to the seam, leaving about a 5 inch piece in the back to cover your headphone cord, plus a little for seam allowance.  Turn the edge under, and sew. I used fray check on the cut off edge of the collar.   If you want to sew snaps or an extra headphone loop or two, inside, go ahead. I would suggest not using velcro, however, or buttons.  They might get caught in your hair if it is long.

gselchau2 years ago
I love your DIY "Spy Vest"! I suggest that you use a flask to contain your water rather than a standard water bottle. I have seen flasks made out of plastic or metal at Beverages and More.
libraryCat (author)  gselchau2 years ago
A flask would certainly be less obvious. It just might not hold as much water. :)
cranberys2 years ago
no one has said this? well here goes

libraryCat (author)  cranberys2 years ago
a joke from the online video game teqam fortress 2 when a spy disguisesas a heavy, you can say HEAVY ISH SPY
libraryCat (author)  cranberys2 years ago
Ah, I see. Thank you for explaining it to me. :)
brothertuck2 years ago
Looks good and is something I have thought of trying. I've even thought of just taking a shirt and making it into a cargo vest, but although I can sew, I am not great at it.
One bit of constructive criticism, you could have broken the 2nd steps into more steps, I don't know about others, but I think it would have been easier for me to follow. Placing the matching picture with it's description.
libraryCat (author)  brothertuck2 years ago
That is a good idea. I will try and break them down a little more when I am able. (I am not in a place I can spend a lot of time on the computer at the moment.) :)
libraryCat (author)  libraryCat2 years ago
There you go. I hope that makes it a little easier, anyway. :)
de_evans2 years ago
I love that you started with already made garments, and modified from there. SO much time saved! So creative!
libraryCat (author)  de_evans2 years ago
Thank You! :D
katerlyn2 years ago
I LOVE IT thank you! i have just the summer vest for this!
libraryCat (author)  katerlyn2 years ago
Good Luck! :D
libraryCat (author) 2 years ago
Thank you!
Thank you for your comments! :)
Great idea! :D