Step 3: Square Card Reader Fob Step #1

Get some water in the ceramic cup and stick it in your Microwave. I put it in for about 2 minutes so I'm sure it's good and hot. With the ShapeLock hotter it also gives me more working time before it sets up.

Once the time has elapsed, you can either take the cup out of the microwave, or just leave it in. It'll likely be hot to the touch.

Place your ShapeLock directly into the cup of hot water and give about 30 seconds for the pellets to melt down and begin to attach to one another. You'll know the ShapeLock is ready for working when its appearance goes from the opaque white to a translucent clear. 

When the ShapeLock mass is completely translucent, take it out of the hot water carefully, using long tweezers or the X-acto knife you have.

Nice idea, does it fit pretty tight or will it fall off?
It fits tightly. The key to get it to be tight is during the shaping/cooling process. Once the Shapelock is on and formed to the 3.5 mm male, limit any movement on that end until the Shapelock becomes fully opaque.
Great idea! Thanks for clear directions & photos!

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