Introduction: Square Easter Eggs (Wombat Eggs)

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One of my work colleagues is vegan so instead of paying for vegan easter eggs I decided to make her one from a vegan chocolate bar, I didn't want to mould an egg so that meant square.

As wombats do square poo I figured if they laid eggs the eggs would also be square, so here is my instructable on hollow and solid wombat eggs.

Step 1: Ingredients

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  • baking tray (or 2)
  • chocolate bars
  • baking paper
  • foil wrapping
  • knife
  • scissors

Step 2: First Step

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Turns out the Lindt chocolate bars I bought for the hollow eggs weren't made up of squares so first they had to be cut.

The solid eggs are regular Cadbury chocolate bars that have little squares.

Step 3: Method Cont.

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Put the baking tray into the oven at between 50° and 100°C (120° - 200°F).

Use the heated tray to melt the edges of the squares and join 2 together.

I found it easiest to use 2 trays, one heating and one melting the chocolate.

Let the pieces dry.

Step 4: More Method

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Heat the trays again and join the edges, of the hollow eggs.

The solid eggs are heated on the diagonal and joined together, they are now finished.

Step 5: Even More Method

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Add tops and bottoms to the hollow eggs

If you want to you can 'clean up' the solid eggs a bit.

Step 6: Wrapping

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I bought Easter egg foil from the cake decorating shop and used that.

Then I made these gift tags

And these instructions as a PDF

Wombat Egg Hot Chocolate

· Use one solid egg

· Cover in milk

· Microwave 30 sec

· Stir

· Microwave 30 sec again

· All the chocolate may not have melted, but just stir it in and it should melt in the residual heat

Happy Easter


mrsmerwin (author)2017-04-16

I would not have believed that about wombats if you had not included the screen shot. Now I have something to get the kids to research. Anything to get them reading.

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