Square Snow-People





Introduction: Square Snow-People

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Square Snow people I made a couple of years ago.
All I used was my snow shovel, boxes from work, powerade lids for the mouths, sprite lids for the eyes, coke lids for the noses, sticks for arms, and lets not forget the gloves and hats...

Step 1:

Find good place for snow people

Step 2:

Pack snow into boxes

Step 3:

Flip box over

Step 4:

Repeat step 3 until desired height, decorate!



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    Cool idea! They will be easier to ship than the round ones (as in the case of square watermelons)! Kidding! Good job!

    My kids and I started this as a tradition about 5 years ago. We did basically the same thing except we used some tubing from an old above ground pool and more lids. We call them "Snowbots" instead. Each year we make them different depending on what "junk" we can find to make them "techy" looking.

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