Introduction: Square String Christmas Ornaments

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These super simple ornaments are to easy make and look amazing on the tree. They would also make a great gift topper!

Step 1: Materials:

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•Bakers twine, string, Perle cotton or light weight yarn about 18 feet/216 inches

•Light weight cardboard (from a white gift box or a thick paper plate or cereal box)

•Adhesive plastic jewels (or sequins or pom-poms plus glue or glue dots-use what you have)

•Pinking scissors

•Push pin


Step 2:

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Cut the cardboard into a 3” square with pinking scissors.

Poke a hole with a push pin in the center of the square.

Step 3: Starting

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Thread one end of a length of string (about 18’) through the hole. Remove the needle leaving a 5" tail on the back to tie off later.

Step 4: Winding the String

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Wrap the string around the square starting in one corner, moving from one notch on the top and then down around to the bottom corner opposite side until the square is completely filled.

Tie and knot the twine off with the tail.

Trim the excess twine.

Step 5: Decoration

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Poke a hole with a push pin at the top of the square and insert a hanger or string loop for hanging.

Add a decoration (plastic jewels, sequins or pom-poms) to the center front and back of the square.

Step 6: Hang

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And you're done!


notconvincedgranny (author)2015-12-14

Love it!

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