In 1993 I had the over powering need to learn to Tat.  I could not figure it out on my own.  While visiting my Mom, I mentioned it to her and she said her Aunt, my great Aunt knew how and maybe she would teach me.  A phone call was made and an hour trip was taken to my Great Aunts home and when I left several hours later, I was tatting.  It is fun.  At one point, someone had taken a lovely vintage tatted table runner, put it on the copy machine and handed out the copy as the pattern.  I recieved a copy of that copy. This is the written pattern for that table runner.   So here we go with this pattern.

Step 1:

#10 crochet thread (the tighter the twist the better, so the cheap stuff does not do well)
Tatting shuttles
Ball of thread

Tatting terms:
ds -double stitch (when you see a whole number such as “2”, that means you make 2 ds)
p - Picot (when you see “-“ in the pattern, that means make a picot)
RW – reverse work
R- ring
ch- chain
+ - attach to p indicated at the end of the sequence
Thank you for such a lovely pattern and detailed instructions.
Ahhhh! Such pretty tatting! I really need to tat! Thanks for sharing this :)

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