You can build one of these for under $20 and a little scrounging.

Step 1: Yeast Water Heater

The little Ft2 cooker will bake bread, but it is only in small batches.  However, that should make it elligible for this topic of Bread Making. As seen below, you must not put too much dough in your jar, as it tends to blow-out the lid. Still working on this part of it.  And it does a lot of other things. It will allow you to use solar to heat your yeast water, etc. It will bake bread, but until I can find the right combination of jars, I use it mostly for other cooking things.  
For example, we know that yeast does better with warm water, and this reduces the rise time of the dough. To heat my yeast water, I fill the quart jar 3/4 full, add a spoon of sugar, and then a round teaspoon of yeast.  Set the whole assembly on the cooker, in the sun, and let it heat up.  In good weather, the water may rise as much as one degree a minute, so be sure that the temperature does not exceed about 100 to 110 degrees or you may kill off your yeast.
When the mixture is hot enough, then add it to the rest of your water in your recipe, and start your bread rising.

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