I first saw this type of hinge on the Epilog Laser site, and I've been using it for some of my projects.

I'm going from CorelDraw to Autodesk Inventor to minimize the prototyping time when I design a new box.

A valuable technique I've been able to use is making the box top rotate around the box bottom to see how my drawings may need to be tweaked.

I've added a video of my ultimate goal here in Step 1 and also in Step 13.

I do my work at TechShop in San Jose...

Thank you for the Inventor insight, Mauricio!

Step 1: Bring in the Box Sub-assemblies...

I built an assembly for the box bottom and one for the box top.

Here's a shot of them separated in space from one another.  To get them to align in the previous image, I set flush constraints around the box sides, then set a temporary mate constraint for the front edges on the top and bottom of the box that will touch one another.

The second image shows the box top and box bottom together with this temporary constraint.

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