the most fun-est best-est card game ever. plays like double solitaire or spit, but on a whole different level of chaos and speed. origins of this game afaik originate somewhere at the university of chicago, mid 90's.

Step 1: Initial Setup

every player has their own deck of cards, somewhere from 4-7 players is a good number. 3 is too slow, 8 your better off with two games of 4. each deck must be different in some way to separate them later. players site in a circle, square, or polygon of some sort on a rug. it is important to play on some sort of rug or other surface which prevents the cards from sliding around. each player deals out 13 cards for their draw pile, and then 4 cards face up. As soon as all players have 4 cards up, play immediately begins.
Oh, this is like what we call minnesota speed. Minnesota because our teacher from minnesota taught us it.
interesting! is it the same game or just similar?<br />
<p>this is almost exactly like speed, only multi player</p>
I learned this growing up, only we called it &quot;Nertz&quot; and didn't use the vortex. :) Also, all cards were worth 1 point (if in the center) or -1 point if in our draw.

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