Step 3: Finished!

Tada! It's like magic!
Wow Wow Wee Wah! 143
I use the flat back of the toothbrush to squeeze it toward the top.
Same here. Flat side of the toothbrush and a wall is all you need.
Good Job, eggmix! Another way to get the VERY last bit out is to then cut the tube about one and one half inches from the cap end with a pair of those little folding scissors I keep in the bathroom (instead of a razor or exacto knife). Then I keep the now short tube closed between uses with a "bulldog" style clip (found in office supplies). For the flattening part, you can also slide a dental floss container (straight sided) from the crimped end toward the cap.
Heh... I've been using this same method myself... now I can't help but 'fix' tubes of toothpaste I come across when visiting friends and relatives.
Next, let's see it done for K-Y Jelly, too, and no turning on the bedroom light to do it! ;- )
You were asking if it's really a bottle. I believe the term for it is "tube".
Thanks man! i knew something wasn't right!!
No problem, man.
if you REALLY want to get the last bits out: slice the tube open with a razor blade/xacto knife. Just when you thought it was empty (even after squeegeeing as you have) there are at least 3 or so brushings left in that tube! Try it!
hahah i'm gonna try that out too!
I always use this method. Great job, I should have brought this to Instructables...
Thanks, i was surprised to notice that no one has jumped on this best practice!

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