Picture of Squeeze Toothpaste Perfectly
I've noticed that when i visit my friends or relatives houses, they always have the toothpaste all mangled up. Ultimately this is a waste of toothpaste (since you end up throwing away the rest). I've also noticed that some people purchase the more expense containers that hold less toothpaste (why would you pay more for less??) just because they think that it will make life easier~. Some other people like to go out and buy useless devices that will help squeeze out every last drop of toothpaste, but you don't need too buy something to do that!

I've always shown people how to do this method of squeezing out toothpaste because it will save you money, in the end. If you don't believe me go out and check the prices/oz per tube of the standard toothpaste tubes and the new "easier" to use tubes. You will thank me later.

Thanks to Erik Lindemann for correcting me on the bottle/tube thingy!
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Step 1: Starting from the End

Picture of Starting from the End
Okay! let's say you have a regular tube of toothpaste almost empty. Your mission is to get all the toothpaste from the end, closer to the head of the tube.
Most of the time you will have toothpaste sitting in the very end, just use the corner of your sink (given you have a flat edge, you can also you a table) and the palm of you hand to flatten the tube out until you have enough of a flat end to grip.

Step 2: The fun part!

Picture of The fun part!
This is the easy part. Just slide the toothpaste tube across the edge of the sink while applying some force towards the sink (just imagine that you are trying to rip the toothpaste tube using the sink edge!).

Step 3: Finished!

Picture of Finished!
Tada! It's like magic!
dlregis7 years ago
Heh... I've been using this same method myself... now I can't help but 'fix' tubes of toothpaste I come across when visiting friends and relatives.
xrobevansx7 years ago
if you REALLY want to get the last bits out: slice the tube open with a razor blade/xacto knife. Just when you thought it was empty (even after squeegeeing as you have) there are at least 3 or so brushings left in that tube! Try it!