Wind chimes are beautiful and are very pleasant to listen to. Now you can make a Squid Chime!! It took only a few hours (of course I had to take pictures though!) and costs about $10.
Though it is made from forks and spoons, it still has a beautiful tone. It's fun to make too!

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will be needing:
  • Tin soup can
  • Two Forks
  • Two Spoons
  • Washers or Large buttons
  • Sheet Metal (I didn't have enough so I just used card-board rapped with foil)
  • Two Twist-ties
  • Medium-sized Nail (small enough to fit inside the can)
  • Fish line
You will be needing the following tools:
  • Larger Nail (To poke the holes with)
  • Hammer
  • Scissors
  • Metal saw
  • Glue Gun
  • Vice
A very cool and contemporary looking wind chime, it might last longer than my bamboo ones and, its something to do with old cutlery.<br><br>You might be expecting a $415.35 bill if what it I have interpreted competition T&amp;Cs correctly! But I'm not sure about that.
Wait what?
There has been a bit of confusion with the line:<br>&quot;All federal, state, and local taxes on prize are the sole responsibility of the winner. No purchases are necessary; void where prohibited by law.&quot; In the official rules. <br><br>Although there has been no official answer lots of people think that you may have to pay VAT on their winnings! <br><br>Your VAT is 6.5% (I think, according to Wikipedia) so $414.35 is 6.5% of the cost of the prize for the Kinetic Sculpture Contest.<br>As I say though, this has not been confirmed, it might just be on shipping or something like that. The wording is confusing.
Ah! I've been wondering about that. But still, that's a big discount and if you want the prize.... I suppose it's worth it. =I <br>
<br> Interesting idea... I wonder what I've got spare.<br> <br> L<br>
Nice, I like the idea of using utensils in a wind chime.
Thanks! :) I like it too, plus it's an easy thing to come by. ;)

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