Step 2: Deglaze

Add about 1/2 cup of white wine and stir to deglaze the pan. Let it simmer until the wine has cooked off.

Regular cheap stuff is fine, but cooking wine is definitely not- it's full of added salt. I used a bottle of $2 Chuck from Trader Joe's, which works beautifully.
where you can you get squid its not excatly something you see at the grocery store?
I get mine from any of my 3 or 4 local asian shops in the giant chest freezers. It's also very cheap.
Wow this looks amazing. Did you dish it all up in one bowl, take a photo then reportion? As that looks like a lot!<br />
feel free to answer if you know
i rember i used to have a big ol frozen block of squid and if i got hungry i chiped a few loose and fried em up.
Did you keep your stock simmering while you added it? It cuts down cooking time that way so your risotto is always bubbling away.
I didn't plan far enough ahead- just dumped it in cold. Sounds like a great idea- <em>next</em> time!<br/>
It'll cut your cooking time by about a third!
Is that why you didn't add the ink at the beginning?
Are you trying to make up for all years growing up in the meat and potatoes midwest? I've seen snake creep into your repertoire. What's next, 'Possum, Nutria? ;) My family makes something called "Calamares en su tinta", which translated means "Squid in it's own ink". It is great over steamed rice, or with Paella. This looks quite similar. Yummy.
Heh, 'possum is about as midwestern as it gets- not exactly a departure!<br/>I was probably raised wrong- our food had things like garlic, curry, and actual <em>flavor</em>. <br/><br/>Cool- I like squid. Put it up, and I'll try it!<br/>
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.thegutsygourmet.net/sp-calamare.html">Calamares en su tinta</a><br/>Good for you! Lot's of people in the Midwest (Specially the town I live in) don't season their food well, and won't try anything out of the ordinary. I can't believe I left the Bay Area for this. (Meat and 'Taters).<br/><br/>The link above is for the recipe I found online. It's pretty close to what we do. There's a Spanish store online that sells authentic foodstuffs from Spain that you might be interested in <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.tienda.com/">La Tienda</a>. Thing is you can probably get this stuff in your local area. La Tienda is out of L.A. I think. <br/><br/>Curried Squid is good too.<br/>
Although normally I really don't... like squid, this actually looks good. Are you guys using glue for your milk?
No glue- just a light tent. ;)<br/><br/>Squid is much better when you make it yourself- at restaurants it usually waits too long between cooking and table, and rarely tastes top-notch. So don't presume you don't like squid until you've <em>properly</em> tried it.<br/>
Ah, thats good. (A bit of glue in the risotto is a great tip, so I hear :P) I also see you got those white plates :P Hmm... I'll try it next time I get a chance to really try it. Also, do you know what causes the dis-flavoring? Is it the temperature, time, moisture, or glue-less-light-tent-white-plate-flash-photography? I'm assuming the latter. :P
What is the quill, is it just cartilage that helps the squid keep its shape?
Canida, do you get squid cheap? Kind of a theme I've spotted...
Also yes, squid is quite cheap.
Actually, I got <em>lots</em> of squid to do the ink harvesting article for Craft- these recipes are what happened with the leftovers. These have been ready to go for a while, but I can publish now that Craft 4 has gone on sale.<br/>
MMM! Looks delicious! I guess this would be as close as I could get to the Japanese delicacy where octopus literally crawls off your plate. I never had Squid cooked this way. I usually have it fried.

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