I used cotton yarn and a size H hook to crochet a small mesh front and back, then I surface crocheted the squid to the front, and then made a single crochet border to join the two pieces together.
Love this and think I'll add it to my Squidoo page on crocheting. :) <a rel="nofollow" href="http://squidoo.com/crochethats">http://squidoo.com/crochethats</a><br/><br/>Not a hat I know but hey it's Squid Love! <br/>
I heart the neon colors & cute squid. Awesome!
i love squid!!! its so cute!
Love the technique. And the squid is so cute!
Squid= Awesome!!!<br/>
Cool! Made me think of Squid Labs. :P Awesome job, I have some with dogs on it or something.
Squid! That's a sweet potholder- I'm definitely making one, and will post a picture when I do!

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