Squirrel Mace! Ok Fine, Repellent.





Introduction: Squirrel Mace! Ok Fine, Repellent.

This organic concoction will keep squirrels, cats, dogs, people and any other annoyances at bay.

Step 1: First on the Chopping Block, Habaneros!

Habanero peppers are rich in capsaicin oil. That's the stuff that burns so bad when you eat them. So lets get a bunch and pop them in the blender! DANGER!!!! For the love of Pete, wear gloves when handeling these! A simple touch of the pepper and then rub your eye or nose and presto! Your in a world of hurt!

Step 2: Next Up (Hic!) Vodka!

I find the water of life best for the extraction process. Oil of any kind is soluble in alcohol, not water. If you can't get booze, use rubbing alcohol. Mind you, if you do, it will not be fit for human consumption. mix the two together and wait overnight.

Step 3: Seperate the Solids.

The next day, pour the concoction through a sieve into a tall narrow glass container. Let stand for 2-3 hours. You should see a separation of the oil from the vodka. The oil will be on top. You can use a turkey baster to remove either component. Otherwise you should be skilled at pouring off the top layer. The vodka is now flavoured, but not hot. The oil on the other hand is pure pain by the drop!

Step 4: Apply As Needed.

If you have small children, take serious care not to put this where they could come in contact with it. I brushed mine onto my bird feeder and using a pump hairspray bottle, sprayed my plants too. I am now squirrel free!



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Some bird is going to love you when it accidentally bites the feeder.

Spicy hot things do not affect birds.

I know MANY birds that LOVE peppers, the hotter the better, they have no saliva producing glands or whatever in their mouth, but they DO have taste buds, so they enjoy a totally different flavor than humans do. For some reason, they go absolutely crazy for peppers, they must taste extremely good if you can get past the heat....

Birds actually have no taste and the hotness of the peppers won't phase them at all. :) It's a very common solution to coat birdseed or suet in cheyenne pepper to discourage squirrels.

why a squirrels a threat again? dont be hating on them squirrels :D

Squirrels are pestilences, they are tree rats with a habit for eating bird seed and your vegetables in the garden. They have a pleasant taste though.

awww poor squirrel, just sitting their all inocent then *BAM* face full a mace. I dont like the thought of a squirrel crying

Squirrels are pestilences, they are rats with bushy tails and a habit for eating the vegetables in the garden. They do taste good though.

Will grain alcohol work. I have used it for making other oils

nice question did the birds come after you sprayed the pepper spray on it?