I needed a case for my ds xl and figured hey £1.50 spent on felt to make one is way cheaper then any funky Patterned one I could find so here it is my felt Squirtle case for any size ds or probably any hand held console actually.... Could make it to the style of any pokemon you like too :)

Step 1: You will need, Template and cutting the main pieces

You will need:
Felt in chosen colours
Sewing machine

Draw around your console, then add extra to allow for the width of the sides and then and about another half inch for seam allowance when sewing tadah template.

Use the template two cut two pieces of your main base color.

Use this two cut pieces from the other colours, I cut mine to be just over half the length of the main pieces.
<p>SO CUTE!!! &hearts;</p>
thats kinda weird
thats kinda weird

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