Strapless Croptop || FREE PATTERN





Introduction: Strapless Croptop || FREE PATTERN

About: I´m a mexican fashion designer & i love sharing pretty DIYs with free patterns.

Strapless crop top FREE PATTERN

Step 1: Strapless Crop Top

2 telas diferentes (que una no estire) | 2 different fabrics (one without spandex)

tijeras | scissors

alfileres | pin

shilo | thread

elástico (3cm de grosor) | elastic (1 inch thick)

maquina de coser | sewing machine

Step 2: Seam Allowance

Los patrones no incluyen cm de costura. Agregar 1 cm de costura en la marca rosa.

The patterns do not include seam allowances. Add 1cm on the pink line.

Step 3: Download the Patterns



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    2 Discussions

    One question, what does it cost? And it looks so cute! Where do u by the fabric?

    1 reply

    Hi, the pattern is free, the pdf is in the 3rd step. I bought this fabric in a little store where i live.