Step 1: What a Shamrock looks like

Picture of What a Shamrock looks like
This is what a Shamrock looks like.
It has three leaves. Thats 3. not 4 or 2 or 792. Its 3.
Each of them are a very pretty heart shape. Thats a lotta love.
St Patrick used it to explain to the pagan Irish that God is a Holy Trinity. Three in one. Like this wee plant. Three leaves in one plant.
We Irish caught on quickly to this explanation and thus stopped worshiping the moon, conjuring spirits and we all became Christian. Thanks Paddy.
The first guy that came along and tried to make us christian was swiftly killed a short while after arriving in Ireland. But Partick knew the old shamrock trick. We Irish like shamrocks.
To see what the first guy used and what ended up getting him killed :-P , look at the next step in this instructable.