Step 2: The cursed Four Leaf Clover

Picture of The cursed Four Leaf Clover
This impostor is the 4 leaf clover.
St Patrick didn't use it because its a four leaf clover and NOT a Shamrock.
Using this as a St Patricks Day symbol is just stupid.
Turn up in Ireland on St Patricks Day, or any day, with this thing on your t-shirt and you'd better know where the nearest open door or window is. :-P Joke.
That or have a good excuse, like,
your the chairperson for the four leaf clover appreciation society and you've been out all day looking in fields for one; and all you want to do now is sit down, have a beer and look at a Shamrock because your sick to death of looking at stupid 4 leafed things and shamrocks are so much better because they have 3 cute heart shaped leaves and is the symbol of St Patrick and isnt a stupid 4 leaf clover.
Learn that off by heart and you may survive.
Actually we Irish are more likely to have a laugh with you at your expense, poke some fun and buy you a drink to make you feel better for being so stupid. And because we feel sorry for someone who's the chair of a four leaf clover appreciation society.

Four leaf clovers are rare and very lucky to the irish. The four leaves represent Luck, Faith, Hope, and Love. You don't know what your talking about. Your probably English, lol. Nice disinformation.

skillciaX2 years ago
so I was shopping at Meijer and looking at their Shamrock plants and found a 4 leaf shamrock. NOT clover.
treefrogs4 years ago
Haha! That's why I love the Irish :P
57cadillac6 years ago
stop insulting the four leaf clovers