Step 2: The cursed Four Leaf Clover

Picture of The cursed Four Leaf Clover
This impostor is the 4 leaf clover.
St Patrick didn't use it because its a four leaf clover and NOT a Shamrock.
Using this as a St Patricks Day symbol is just stupid.
Turn up in Ireland on St Patricks Day, or any day, with this thing on your t-shirt and you'd better know where the nearest open door or window is. :-P Joke.
That or have a good excuse, like,
your the chairperson for the four leaf clover appreciation society and you've been out all day looking in fields for one; and all you want to do now is sit down, have a beer and look at a Shamrock because your sick to death of looking at stupid 4 leafed things and shamrocks are so much better because they have 3 cute heart shaped leaves and is the symbol of St Patrick and isnt a stupid 4 leaf clover.
Learn that off by heart and you may survive.
Actually we Irish are more likely to have a laugh with you at your expense, poke some fun and buy you a drink to make you feel better for being so stupid. And because we feel sorry for someone who's the chair of a four leaf clover appreciation society.
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skillciaX1 year ago
so I was shopping at Meijer and looking at their Shamrock plants and found a 4 leaf shamrock. NOT clover.
treefrogs3 years ago
Haha! That's why I love the Irish :P
57cadillac5 years ago
stop insulting the four leaf clovers