Picture of St. Patricks Trinity Pendant
St. Patrick used the Shamrock to explain the trinity when teaching the pagans he encountered in Ireland.  
Each leaf representing one: The Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit.  

The Shamrock is each of these, yet one.  

I made a large number of these pendants to give to friends and co-workers, no matter what their belief.  Although I think many of them believed they would get pinched for not wearing green on St. Patty's day!

This is a simple an inexpensive way to make a lovely little pendant with a Shamrock inside, no matter what that person holds the Shamrock's meaning to be.

You will need:
A Shamrock (or Clover, since I don't live in Ireland, I guess these things covering my yard are just plain old clover, but they will work).
A hard flat surface that is heat tolerant
A piece of glass
A glass pendant found at most hobby stores for less than $2
A pair of small jewelry pliers
A soft clothe to clean the glass 

I don't usually  buy the hardware to make my jewelry, but when I found these I realized they were cheaper and definitely less time consuming than cutting my own glass and soldering the pendant together.  Maybe not quite as personal, but great if you are in a pinch for time.
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Step 1: Pick your Shamrock

Picture of Pick your Shamrock
Pick some Shamrock, or clovers

Place between the hard surface and the glass.  (I used a piece of marble as my hard surface)

Place the shamrocks in a hot sunny place.  The quicker they dry, the more color will be left in the shamrock. 

Wait a couple of days.

(I have read this can be done in a microwave, but I have never tried that)