Picture of St. Valentine's Day Proposal
This instructable will show you how I proposed to my wife, with a box of what appears to be unopened chocolates.

Items that you will need:
An engagement ring
A box of your sweetie's favorite chocolates, mine prefers Godiva.
An extra seal sticker for the box.
And of course you will need someone to ask.
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Step 1: Buy the box of chocolates.

Picture of Buy the box of chocolates.
This would seem to be a very easy step, but be forewarned. One box of chocolates is not like the rest. Most of the boxes of chocolates on the market today have some of the worst tasting nougats known to man. STAY AWAY FROM THESE!!!!!

I say this from experience the rest of this instructable won't go the way you want it to if you get the wrong chocolates.

I prefer to go to the more fancy Chocolatiers where you can customize your chocolates. This way you can get their favorites. Explain to the Chocolatier your idea and they will more than likely be more than happy to accomodate your request. Once I explained it, the clerk at Godiva directed me to the heart shaped pillow and gave me some seal stickers to reseal the box. This will give it the look of an untampered box.

Step 2: Take out one chocolate and place ring in empty spot.

Picture of Take out one chocolate and place ring in empty spot.
Next, you have to open the box. Be careful breaking the seal, you don't want to disturb the surrounding box. It will be easier later to reseal if you're careful on this step.

A fun little side note on this step, because you're taking out a chocolate, you get to eat it. Although you can put it to the side and save it for later.

Once the chocolate is removed place the ring in the empty spot.

Step 3: Close box and reseal

Picture of Close box and reseal
This step you will be closing the box and resealing it. You want to make sure that you put the resealing sticker directly on top of the old one. This way you don't arouse any suspicions.
It could be a chocolate diamond ring!
breebear1 year ago
Too sweet. :)
This is so thoughtful! I'd still tell the story after nine years too. :)
organizm9877 years ago
no, you should put the ring in a chocolate, and tell her so savor and to let the chocolate to melt in her mouth, and then she fins the ring!
and ull be responsible when she chokes.
Maddhatter3 (author)  ker-boom1017 years ago
Yep not exactly the ending one would be looking for. ;)
deadbody7 years ago
Wow that is creative. Why purpose with just a diamond when you can add chocolate too.
Bas7 years ago
"And of course you will need someone to ask." I missing this ingredient currently. Bah!
Kiteman8 years ago
Aww... that's nice. Seriously.

(This should get a prize just because it got a result!)
Cant you see he got the consolation prize, nine years of marriage.

I kid, I kid ;)

Good idea though
That's the cutest thing I've ever seen! Utterly AWESOME
That is very sweet, I proposed on Valentine's Day also, but I wasn't nearly, or even the littlest, as romantic.
Maddhatter3 (author)  Tool Using Animal8 years ago
Thanks, Still one of the most romantic things I've ever done. I think I used it all up on this one. I've never quite been able to top it.
jarv348 years ago
so if you've been married now for 9 years and these pictures were just taken I guess neither one of you ate the chocolate. :)
Maddhatter3 (author)  jarv348 years ago
Ha, no we ate the chocolates that night. These are newer and better. :P
ARVash8 years ago
Awww.. so nice :D