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OK so...
One day - 3/10/11- I was extremely bored. I was done with my incredibly torture-some high school homework and all i could do was sleep at 8pm - which is very early for me - or listen to radio music. I chose to listen to some music and by chance, I thought about spinning tops. And by chance, there happened to be a set of old 'Lego Creators' that I found 3 years ago next to my desk. I popped the Lego box open and just put plastic together. Thus, the Stabilized Lego Spinning Top was born.

I've wanted to post this Tut for no apparent reason, so please do not be jerky about this Tut.

I'm just posting this because I am super bored; it's Friday. :D

How ironic that the picture upload is still very slow...

Step 1: Needed Pieces

There are some diverse or uncommon Lego pieces.

The numbers in parenthesis basically shows that the labeled piece is not essentially needed. In other words. if you do not have that specific piece, then work your way around it.

Step 2: Body

Follow the pictures:

Step 3: Finishing

Follow the steps:

Step 4: Mods

This are just some mods I've done, because... I was bored
<p>dig it </p><p>Perfect for my kids and I.- Thx for posting! </p>
This is great! I love Lego's.

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