Stack Bowl





Introduction: Stack Bowl

Hello my fellow Americans, this is a bowl like no other. You can decorate this beautifully exquisite bowl. We decided to make a bowl for this because one day we were watching a movie in class and had no where to put our popcorn. We call our bowl the Stack Bowl. I

Time to make: 20 to 30 minutes to cut, and approximately 1 day waiting for the glue to dry depending on the type of glue used

Price: $23.00 for wood, and $3.49 for wood glue.

Step 1: Plan Your Cuts

find a piece of wood that is big enough for your bowl. Then draw 5 circles. each ring drawn is 1 inch from each other except for the center circle with has a diameter of 5 inches.

Step 2: Cut Wood

Cut the wood in half down the center line of the circle and cut the rings out on a 45 degree angle

Step 3: Glue the Rings

glue the rings back together

Step 4: Glue Both Sides of the Rings Together

Glue the two pieces together and let dry.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Bowl



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    so very pretty! how long did it take to make this?

    the time to make is in the first section along with the price