It's completely useless yet awesome experiment. Combined diamagnetic suspension levitation with diamagnetic opposition levitation with lots of soap bubbles and sparks + spinning caused by a homopolar motor.

Step 1: Once You Get Things to Levitate Add Bubbles and Sparks

You need:

1. Diamagnetic suspension rig (height adjustable magnet that is leveled in horizontal plane)

2. Cylindrical diamagnetic opposition levitation device that can levitate a piece of pyrolytic graphite.

3. Soap bubbles

4. battery and wires for a homopolar motor. My power source was a rechargable 3000mAh 3,7V battery.

<p>Can you explain how you get this levitating? </p><p>I like the moment in the video when the batteries go up like a rocket.</p>
<p>Thank you! The big ferrite ring magnets in the picture are adjusted to a specific <br>height above the levitating neodymium magnet. The battery is in between <br>the wires not shown in the video. There is a tile of pyrolytic graphite <br>under neodymium. Pyrolytic graphite It is strongly diamagnetic which <br>means<br> it repells magnets. Top magnet is countering gravity's pull on the <br>neodymium. When the ring ferrite magnets area adjusted to<br> a right <br>distance from neodymium - down force pull on the neodymium is minimal <br>and the repelling force of pyrolytic graphite can show <br>up in a form of levitation.</p>
<p>My physics base knowledge does not note such knowledge. Where did you learn that?</p>
<p>By watching YouTube-videos :)</p>
<p>Cool! And I thought, watching YT is just a waste of time xD</p>
<p>Depends of what you watch. There are lots of jewels amongts the dookies :)</p>

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