Stage Prop with built-in Tiny Fogger and Fog Chiller (on the cheap)

Picture of Stage Prop with built-in Tiny Fogger and Fog Chiller (on the cheap)
aka "Low Budget Small Ground Fogger - Part 2"

This is a stage prop for the play "Killerinstinkt" which will have it's premiere on stage in about two weeks. It will be the centre piece on a fancy modern dinner table which should resemble the so called "molecular kitchen" style. As the table is set on a revolving stage, plus the bowl has to be moved from one table to a second identical table very quickly during a set change, there was no possibility to use a standard fogger with chiller and everything had to be built in with no external power supply.

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Step 1: Facing the Task

Picture of Facing the Task
As I layed out in the last step of my instructable "Low Budget Small Ground Fogger", the goal was to build a tiny fogger with a fog chiller into a lampshade (turned downside up) with almost no budget (this will never change in theatre)...
The shade was set as the bowl, the rough look of the socket was layed out as followed: not to high, white, with a clean and simple form.

Step 2: The Gathering of the Gear

Picture of The Gathering of the Gear
As the lampshade obviously was round, I was looking for something round and small enough to fit into the shade but large enough to take in the four coolers and guess what I found - a bucket! It was just sitting there in a corner of the workshop, left after it's content (pyro supplies) was used up. It had the perfect diameter, just the hight was to much.
For the socket I found a low cooking pot in our storage (no picture of the original pot due to corrupted image files... sorry).
Finally I was looking for something to rise the socket from the table to allow airflow and found a kind of wireframe plant cart, of which one of the circles perfectly fitted into the pot. Lucky me!
12203madman10 months ago
what kind of fogger is that
uersel (author)  12203madman10 months ago

It is this one:

It doesn't come cheap, but it's one of the smallest and it works very good!