Step 6: Pull Out Bed and Units.

I used the Ikea ODDA pull out bed, Its not too expensive and its colour blended very well with my stage. It comes with instructions, so I don't really need to upload them.
I also chose to have a cabinet to hold some of my DJ equipment which also came from ikea. I mounted a desk as well (which I made my self) from two large shelf brackets and some laminated wood.

Now your finshed!
<p>This would be perfect for my Drum set! Thanks!</p>
I love it! Do you have any idea how much weight the stage will support? I'd like to make it bigger for a queen sized trundle bed, and put a dresser, desk and chair on the stage. I can add oak floor boards on top of the loft boards if that helps, and I can put more legs on the sides and back, but do I need more reinforcement unerneath that big a stage???
about how much would you say this cost to build?
Without the roll out bed: Around &pound;60-70<br>With rollout bed: &pound; around &pound;120<br><br>Thanks<br><br>Oscar
This is a great project! I am moving into a new house soon and Always wanted a stage for my guitar playing. Thanks for the ideas dude.<br><br>However I might go the extra mile and put some kind of frame around the bed. And maybe paint the back wall green so you can use it for a greenscreen. Just some Ideas.

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