No space in your garden? Grow up with this staggered planter!

Instructables has a vast collection of pallet-related projects, and it’s easy to see why. As a waste product, pallets are often made of decent quality softwoods and are utterly versatile. With a little bit of effort, they can be turned into fantastic items. Better still, you don’t need much skill to work with them.

I’ve wanted to make a pallet-project for a while, and as I’ve recently moved into a flat with a small garden, I thought I’d build something to increase to my planting space.


The simplicity of this project is reflected in what you need to make it, basic tools only here! The cost is minimal too, most of the stock was free, and the bought parts came to £10! (USD$14)

  • Tape Measure
  • Hammer
  • Pry-bar or wrecking bar (better to have something that can remove nails)
  • Handsaw, with a 45-90 handle for quick marking!
  • 2 x Clamps (G-Clamps are fine, but Quick Clamps are much more efficient!)
  • A pencil and a permanent marker
  • Hand drill or cordless drill/driver
  • Drill bits and drivers (or you can use a screwdriver)
  • Sandpaper and paintbrush

The stock required is an even shorter list!

  • Two pallets (see ‘Breaking Apart the Pallets’ for tips on choosing which ones)
  • Two wine-boxes or wooden boxes
  • No.8 x 1” (4.0 x 25mm) screws (A box of 200 cost about £3 / USD$4.25)
  • Fence Paint or Exterior Wood Stain
  • Two small general-purpose tarpaulins.

Step 1: Planning and Charm-Offensive...

My partner wanted me to build a large planter for an awkward corner of our garden. As we’re only renting and we ideally want to take our plants with us when we move, I suggested making something a little smaller but where we can grow double the amount of plants without them stealing each others light.

As you can see the plans were carefully drawn-up, utilising our considerable art skills.

The next day, I went up to my local wine-merchant and asked them if they had any wine boxes which they wanted to get rid of. Fortunately they did, and so I made off with two large pine boxes for free.

My next stop was a garden centre which is nearby. They had a ten-foot high stack of pallets. I asked for two (I figured I would only need one, but better to ask for a spare!) and they kindly let me have them for free. Up to now, I had all the materials needed for the project (excluding fixings etc) for free!

Before I set any plans in stone, I needed to break down the pallets into planks. I was expecting some of the planks to split or be utterly unusable once taken apart, and that would give me the amount of stock I could work with.

<p>Casters would be a nice added touch, just to be able to move it from place to place. I like the simple design and the meticulous construction. Thanks for sharing...</p>
<p>Useful project</p>
<p>Awesome build, love the design and function of this build, thanks for sharing.</p>

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