Picture of Stain Glass Surfboard

These are purely sculptural pieces that combines recycling, stain glass, surfing and art. They are beautiful and are fairly cheap to produce so if you have no other use for crapped out old short boards then go for it. I have others on my site

I have included two pieces to show the process . It is a bit of a mission so email me if you have any questions or improvements and no I can't ride them

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Step 1: Materials

  • Cutting stage
  • Jigsaw with 100mm blade for composite materials
  • drill with 10mm dia drill for pilot holes
  • electric sander to fix dings if needed and cleaning up
  • disposble dust suit and mask
  • ear muffs/ goggles

  • Resining stage
  • 3L Polyester or Epoxy Resin and appropriate cataylst
  • Resin tint colours
  • Disposable Rubber gloves
  • 6m Clear contact film (book covering stuff)
  • paddle pop sticks
  • 3 x500ml reusable measuring cups
  • old foam mattress
  • 4 house bricks
  • blade
  • syringe
  • Mask suitable for Resin

Step 2: Source a surfboard

Picture of Source a surfboard

This was an Adrian York surfboard in my mates garden. The other board you will see, the Lost was a favourite board that had snapped so i had to do a full fix on that.

Step 3: Design

Picture of Design

This board is for a surf contest prize so it was appropriate to take photos of my local break, where the contest was on. I have projected the best image onto the board so I can trace it with pencil. You will find out that if the design is too complex it will be a nightmare to cut out. In addition some designs are not suitable for this method( you'll see later).

I have penned over the pencil with a red marker so it is clear which line I will be cutting with the jigsaw.

The Lost surfboard has been free sketched out of my surfing mind.

rafysart6 months ago
christiansipin10 months ago
Imagine doing this to a longboard or skateboard
danhitman (author)  christiansipin10 months ago

Hey Christian, I have done it with a snowboard and a mini mal but I try not to cut up boards that can be ridden if possible. Skatey would work really well.

pucksurfer10 months ago
What did you do about the fin boxes/find on the Adrian York board?
pucksurfer10 months ago
Amazing piece of decoration. I'll have to try it once I have a board that I don't need
PrncssGeek10 months ago

OMG that is the most beautiful "board" this old surfer has ever seen!

watchmeflyy10 months ago


featherwurm10 months ago

Really wonderful work! Thank you for sharing your process, it's neat to see happen!

seamster10 months ago

Gorgeous work! I'd love to win a board like that. I would need to learn how to surf first, but hey!