Picture of Stain and finish wood with pigment powder
This insructable shows how a user can stain, tint, and finish their wood using a dry pigment powder and gloss. In this demo, I will use a violet pigment. The user can use any color, and alter the gradation between transparent and opaque.
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Step 1: The supplies

Picture of The supplies
The supplies I've used are Golden brand Polymer Varnish, (Gloss)  and Blick Violet Pigment Powder. The Varnish acts as both a stain and sealant when combined with the pigment. The pigment itself can be of any brand.

Step 2: The combination

Picture of The combination
The gloss and pigment are combined into a cup- as seen, the pigment will most likely be in powder orbs and chunks rather than a fine powder. I've mixed one part gloss and one part pigment. Depending on what you would like out of this, you can have a more transparent mixture by adding one part pigment to two parts gloss. From there you can add more gloss to your liking.

Step 3: Stirring

Picture of Stirring
Thoroughly combine the ingredients as not to have chunks in the mixture. If you choose to have it more transparent, with added gloss, the mixture itself will be much smoother and feel less grainy. The image shows chunks that will have to be fully stirred in before continuing with the next step.I am using a brush in this demo, however a kraft mixing stick or stirring tool work as well.

Step 4: Effects part 1

Picture of Effects part 1
Your mixture will react differently to the wood it is applied to. A very transparent mixture with barely stain the wood, and showcase the wood's gradation. The mixture can be applied with a brush or rubbed in with piece of fabric. In this demo I have chosen to used a piece of fabric.

Step 5: Effects part 2

Picture of Effects part 2
The effect will change depending on how opaque and thick you want the mixture. The mixture itself can be so opaque that the wood will not show through. This will give an effect similar to oil paint on wood. As shown, the wood is more visible with lack of such heavy pigment.