Stained Glass Aztec Calendar Mosaic





Introduction: Stained Glass Aztec Calendar Mosaic

First I simplified the pattern; the more complex version can be found with a quick Google search for "aztec calendar" or "mayan calendar." I decided 16" across was about right, and I found a random piece of masonite to cut down with my Dremel for the base of the mosaic. The center, where it goes all 3-d, is a simple glass plate from a dollar store turned upside down and glued to the masonite with silicone. I modgepodged the pattern to the inside of the glass plate and traced out the basic pattern on the masonite with a Sharpie. Then the gluing; it took about 20 hours. There's a hole drilled into the back, under the upturned plate, so you can hang the piece on a screw or nail.  It is grouted with charcoal DiamondCrete (that adds a lot of strength, and weight). This piece was made as a donation to a charitable art auction. 



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What type of glue did you use ?

It was a while ago so I'm not sure, but it would have been one of two glues: OmniGel (which is a transfer medium but also an excellent glue) or Mosaic Mercantile's mosaic tile adhesive. I think I used a silicone to adhere the plate to the board, though.

Thanks for the info .

This is really great, I've looked at is several times over the weekend. I enjoy doing mosaics, but I love what you did with the center plate and modgepodge, very cleaver! Voted for you for the I made it! Good luck!

I would have called this something more along the lines of "Aztec sun face" or something along those lines since any aspects of it being a calender have been removed - otherwise, this looks like a really cool project. And it's really cool that you donated it to a charity auction :D

What charity?

I just went with "calendar" because it was specifically from the center of the calendar stone. I donated it to my college's anthropology department's benefit to send the children of Yaxunah, Mexico to school.

Awesome job - love it!