Stained Glass Leaf Cookies

Picture of Stained Glass Leaf Cookies
Stained glass cookies create a stunning and tasty display. Learn step-by-step how to make these simple beauties.
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Step 1: What You Will Need To Make Fall Leaf Stained Glass Cookies

  • Your favorite sugar cookie recipe
  • Circle cookie cutter
  • Mini leaf cookie cutter(s) (smaller than your circle cookie cutter)
  • Orange, yellow, red and ivory gel food coloring
  • Green hard candy (such as Jolly Ranchers)
  • Mini 2-in-1 cookie scraper (a.k.a. boo boo stick) or toothpicks

Step 2: How To Make Fall Leaf Stained Glass Cookies

Picture of How To Make Fall Leaf Stained Glass Cookies
Once you have prepared your sugar cookie dough, separate it into three equal sections. Add a few drops of red and ivory coloring to the first section, orange and ivory to the second, and yellow and ivory to the third. Knead each section of dough until the coloring is spread evenly throughout.  Note: you will want to wear gloves when kneading the dough, unless you want to walk around looking like a henna tattoo on your hands went horribly wrong.

Next, roll out each section of dough to your desired cookie thickness. Use your cookie cutters to cut the dough into circles, each one with a leaf cut out of the center. Place the cut dough on a parchment lined cookie sheet and set it in the freezer for about 15 minutes before baking. You can bake the cutout leaf centers separately to make matching mini colored leaves.

Step 3: How To Make Stained Glass Centers for Cookies

Picture of How To Make Stained Glass Centers for Cookies
While your cut dough is enjoying some chill time in the freezer, prepare your candy for the stained glass centers. Unwrap all of your green hard candy (I used Jolly Ranchers. Life Savers are another popular choice.) and place it in a sealed Ziploc bag. Next, take out all of your day’s frustrations by smashing the candy with a kitchen mallet or rolling-pin until you have a bag full of tiny candy pieces. Note: You may want to use a towel to muffle the sound if Hubby is in the next room taking a well deserved nap.
These look awesome! I love the stained glass technique with cookies!
Thanks, Penolopy!
poofrabbit2 years ago
Oh I love anything that I get to smash something!! These look really cool, I just may give these a try....wish you could buy already unwrapped jolly ranchers!
sugarkissed.net (author)  poofrabbit2 years ago
Gotta love a baking project that lets you take out your day's frustrations! :)