Stained glass cookies create a stunning and tasty display. Learn step-by-step how to make these simple beauties.

Step 1: What You Will Need to Make Fall Leaf Stained Glass Cookies

  • Your favorite sugar cookie recipe
  • Circle cookie cutter
  • Mini leaf cookie cutter(s) (smaller than your circle cookie cutter)
  • Orange, yellow, red and ivory gel food coloring
  • Green hard candy (such as Jolly Ranchers)
  • Mini 2-in-1 cookie scraper (a.k.a. boo boo stick) or toothpicks
These look awesome! I love the stained glass technique with cookies!
Thanks, Penolopy!
Oh I love anything that I get to smash something!! These look really cool, I just may give these a try....wish you could buy already unwrapped jolly ranchers!
Gotta love a baking project that lets you take out your day's frustrations! :)

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