Stained Glass Lion

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Introduction: Stained Glass Lion

  • Stained glass pieces always look pretty impressive, and create beautiful patterns when hung near a window. However, its a lot simpler to create stained glass art than you might think...

You will Need:

  • Some 3mm coloured glass (mix of reds, oranges and yellows) (You can get these from ebay or Creative Glass
  • Copper foil tape
  • Chemical flux
  • Solder (grade k)
  • Some glass beads/pebbles for the eyes
  • Handheld Glass Cutter
  • Soldering Iron
  • Copper wire (to create hooks to hang your project)
  • Pliers
  • Small brush
  • Sharpie

Step 1: Prepare the Lion Template

Begin by sketching out the lion template (file is included in this instructable). You will need to photocopy the template so that you have 2 copies. One copy is placed underneath your glass pieces to align them, and the other is cut into pieces to help you cut out the glass shapes.

Number each corresponding piece on each of the two templates.

Step 2: Draw Shapes Onto Glass

Then you can begin cutting the glass shapes. Use a Sharpie to draw around the template onto each piece of glass. (Keep to the edges of the glass for less wastage.)

Step 3: Cut Out Glass Shapes

Using the glass cutter press down firmly with the cutting blade into the glass and trace along the edge of each line. (Do not go over an area that you have already scored.)

Then use your hands or some pliers to firmly pull the two sides apart. The glass will snap apart easily if you have applied enough pressure. (For complicated shapes, remove a small section of glass at a time.)

Step 4: Grind Edges of Glass Shapes

You now need to grind the edges of each piece of glass with a handheld grinder block.

This will remove any sharp edges and allow the copper foil to stick to the glass more effectively.

Use long smooth movements to get an even shape.

Step 5: Apply Copper Foil

Then, apply the copper foil to each of your pieces. The copper foil is adhesive, and is fairly simple to apply.

Make sure you align the copper foil so that there is an even amount on each side of the glass piece. Smooth down the foil to make sure it is firmly attached to the glass.

Step 6: Apply Chemical Flux

The next step involves painting all of the pieces with chemical flux using a small brush.

This will help you apply the solder more smoothly, and prevent any burning or melting of the copper foil.

Step 7: Prepare Your Lion for Soldering

Once you have applied the chemical flux you will need to arrange all your pieces into the shape of the lion. Your template should be placed underneath to help you with this.

Step 8: Soldering

Make sure your soldering iron is melting the solder quickly.

Initially you will need to add small dots of solder between each individual piece to hold the whole shape together.

Step 9: Solder Both Sides

Once all the pieces are secured you can continue with soldering the front and back of your stained glass lion.

Make sure you cover any holes, and try not to hover over one place for a long period of time as the copper foil may begin to melt. (If you are having trouble with a particular area when trying to make it look smoother, go away and come back to it later.)

Step 10: Finishing Touches

Now all that is left to do is add the eyes, you can glue these on with adhesive, or use solder to secure them in place.

If you would like to hang your lion in the window, you can create some small hooks from copper wire, and just solder them into place on the top of your piece. ( Make sure you solder them in between where two glass pieces join for maximum strength.)

Then, sit back and enjoy what you've created!



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