Step 3: Cut out the shapes

Wear your safety glasses :)

-If you traced pieces on the same sheet of glass then separate them.

-When you cut glass, you want to try to cut it in a straight line. If your glass is textured then cut on the nontextured side, if it is textured on both sides then cut on the smoother one.

- If you want the result to be the same size as your pattern, then cut right inside the lines. I normally cut on or a little out of the lines so it can be ground down later to fit better.

-The glass cutter just scratches the surface. If you are cutting out a big piece then you can put the scratch over the edge of the table to break it. If it is a small piece then use your grozing pliers to take off the excess glass. The edges dont have to be perfect if you use a grinder. If you dont have a grinder, then use the grozing pliers to clean up the edges. Look at the picture to see how the grozing pliers should be held. If you hold them the other way then you have a good chance of shattering your glass.

- If you have a glass grinder then this will be easy. Make sure before you start that you put water on it because it needs to be wet. if it dries out a little during shaping the glass then add more water.

-Now just grind down the edges to the size you want (make sure your pieces fit together almost exactly, if they aren't then grind them down so they are).

- Once you have them all smoothed out, just clean them up with some water. Should take off the wet ground glass and the sharpie/whiteout lines. make sure you dry the pieces well.