Stained Glass Background




Introduction: Stained Glass Background

Yet another exotic background for your computer screen. My last instructable didnt do so good, so i tried something else.

Step 1: Structure

this is the structure of the design. you can make it any way you want,use the continuose line tool.

Step 2: Color!

Next you might want to put lines where nessisary, to allow for more shapes. Then use the fill tool to add some color.

Step 3: More Color

...Then some more color.

Step 4: ...and Even More Color.

you might want to make it so that none of the same colors are touching.

Step 5: And Even...Ok You Get the Idea.

So there you have it! if you want thicker lines, it may make your design look more realistic.If you want another background go to this site.

Step 6: Alternative View

And for those of you with a darker side(Or lighter, it depends on the first colors), just invert the colors! Look! Easter colors!



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    Unoriginal, and too easy. Doesn't deserve an instructable. Anyone who has spent a decent amount of time on computers can do this. Besides you don't even mention the software you are using. i guess MS Paint. And it is not the continuous line tool, it is the polygon tool. I know of a better method anyway And it looks too bad and kiddish to show off. I should add that I am not trying to sound rude or anything. But well, somebody had to say that it was bad.

    This is awesome!! Not normal but when you use DRAMIS' gradient thing, this is what comes up (I resized the picture abotve to 100 pixes by 505 pixels) :


    I don't like to be mean, but I've been doing this since I was 5 years old. This is one of the easiest, and most basic attempts at designing a background.
    I do give you credit for being confident enough for posting though. Maybe you should get a copy of photoshop, and look up some tutorials. If not, get GIMP, it's a free photoshop alternative and is very easy to use after some basic learning.
    Such as this:
    I did it in 2 minutes in order to prevent people from seeing certain things on my Steam games list. Just keep practicing, and move up from the basics you have been doing.

    This one looks worse than the last... As stated by another person, it looks very busy, and again it looks like a little paint doodle. I made things like this with paint when I was 9. It just doesn't look good.

    What do you mean by "busy"?

    Busy as in there's too much going on.

    Its boring though when there isn't much to look at

    ... That's not what it means. It's hard to phrase it for somebody who doesn't know the term, but I'll do my best. Yeah, there are complicated pictures out there that look good. But then there are pictures that have a lot to them, but they have too many elements without a good shared theme to appreciate. Like in this picture of yours, there are a lot of bright colors that don't mix, and many shapes at once all in a small space. Honestly, few are actually going to go and appreciate all of the stuff going on in this picture. There's way too much happening, and none of it has any kind of theme to follow. You look at it, see a complicated mess, and look away.

    ...OK Ok I get it