Stained Glass Window Design on Goose Egg





Introduction: Stained Glass Window Design on Goose Egg

This carved goose egg is modeled loosely from a stained glass window I saw in an old cathedral. The two dimensional image of the window did require some changes to get it to wrap around the three dimensional egg. It is cut by hand with a high speed cutting tool. There are 96 separate holes in the shell requiring more than 400 cuts to accomplish. Each span of eggshell that remains is just over 1/16 of an inch wide. I have no way to measure the thickness.



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    I'm in awe. Your talent is amazing! Thank you for sharing with us and please continue to do so in the future.

    thank you for your inspiring words. I will post more when I have some good stuff to show.

    Hello, I wonder if you are still carving eggs like this for sale. I am very impressed and want to give one as a gift. thnx


    Thank you for your positive comments. I will continue to share as I find formats that allow me to do so. I believe we were all blessed with talents in some form or another and we should give of them as we can. Many other talented people are here in this contest as well

    Thanks again, Brian

    Very fine delicate work! Well done!! J's Complete Coat is great for strengthening this delicate style of egg shell work. Do use it?

    As of yet, I use nothing to strengthen the eggs that I cut. What is J's Complete Coat meant to be used for in it's original purpose? Does it come in a matte finish? I prefer to have the eggs look natural and that is why I have not yet sprayed the majority of them. For folks who specifically want a shiny finish I use Polyurethane because it will not yellow over time. Does J's yellow? Thank you for taking the time to comment and to offer knowledge.

    The eggshells dry out over time and become very brittle so applying 3 thin coats of J's inside and out will help to preserve your hard work. It is not a vanrish, just a thin plastic coating with a subtle finish so it still looks natural as you can see through it. Also it does not discolour. It is an egg strengthener and sealer. I get mine through The Golden Egg of Idaho. They have a web site so you can purchase online. I hope this is helpful to you. It has made a big difference to the word Heirloom Eggs for me. I know they will now last longer than I will. Cheers, Glenis

    Hello again Glenis, I called the folks in Idaho and talked with them about J's Complete Coat. It sounds as if it is a great product. I am looking for a spray version. Since this egg shell has been soaked in bleach to remove the inner membrane it is really thin. I don't know how I could paint it and get an even coat both inside and out without breaking it. Do you know of any sprays that would accomplish the same effect? Anyone else willing to chime in is welcome as well.

    The bleach needs to be rinsed off well and then soak it in Baking soda and water to help neutralise the negative effects of the bleach. Any bleach left in the shell will weaken it more so the J's coat is essential now. The J's coat can be diluted and then put in a spray bottle so that problem is easily solved. You will need to put several thin coats on drying well in between. Use the edge of a torn tissue or paper towel to catch any runs. An alternative is use a Matte finish spray.

    Couldn't you just dip it in highly diluted J's coat? Then it would soak in but leave almost nothing on the surface.