Staining the Deck





Introduction: Staining the Deck

it's summertime and that means time to enjoy the deck.  although in the bay area it gets cold in the summertime but it will be ready for our late summer that starts in the fall.

But before I can enjoy the deck, I have to re-stain it as it gets trampled throughout the year by me, the kids and the dog. I've added some photos of before and after.   

Now, If I had the chance to install a deck all over again, I would probably use Trex which is made from recycled materials and never needs staining.  But since that's not an option, its staining time.  

Choosing the right stain is important.  I go with Cabot water-based semi-solid paint.  Why?  It dries quickly, cleans up quickly and the semi-solid hides some of the deep scratches in the wood - thanks to Buckley and his claws. 

Step 1: clean the deck and remove all items.  scrub out any bird poo or any other dirt, powerwash & let dry
Step 2: grab you roller and get staining. 
let it dry overnight and enjoy - and don't get mad at new scratches and messes from the kids and dog. 

Next project - redoing  the deck furniture. back - are you ready? 



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