Introduction: Stainless Angry Spider

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I made this spider from a stainless steelbar.

It was actually a big bolt wich i found, i just cut the threaded part out.

I used angle grinder and dremel rotary tool for shaping.

Used 40 grit flap disk for rough shaping, then i finished it with dremel using tungsten carbide cutters.

Step 1: Start

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I started shaping from the back. I removed material slowly from the all sides to keep it symmetrical.

I used flap disks wich have sharp edge, its possible to make quite accurate grooves with them.

Step 2: Starting Dremeling Process..

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I wanted to make "Angry spider" so i tried to shape the face look grumpy.

I used tungsten carbide cutters for shaping, mostly dremels models 9910, 9911, 9903

Step 3: Legs..

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I made legs from 5mm welding rods. Shaped them with tungsten carbide cutters, and after that i weld them to the body with tig. Rods that i used we're 309 mol, it has little more molybdenum, that makes them little more easier to bend.

Step 4: Web

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I did the web from 3.2mm tig welding rods. I twisted them to round, and then cut suitable pieces from them.

I welded the web together again using tig.

Finally i finished the project polishing it with the autosol chrome paste.

Step 5: Ready..

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Finished Angry spider


indianaiceman (author)2017-01-11

That would make a killer fender decoration on a home built one-off...

JörgenBörg (author)2016-12-25

VERY nice. takes ages to make something like that!

Thanks mate. It took about a week. I used couple hours every day.

DanL63 (author)2016-12-23

pretty sweet

Tuomas Soikkeli (author)DanL632016-12-25


zposner (author)2016-12-10

looks incredibly tasty

Tuomas Soikkeli (author)zposner2016-12-11

Thank you

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