Step 8: Light the Charcoal

I stuffed some newspaper in the base, loaded some dry guava wood chunks in the top and lit it off. it took more than one load of paper, I had to feed in a couple more sheets while it was burning to keep it going.

Commercial chimneys have a shield between the body and the handle and I just assumed that it was a liability issue, they didn't want anyone carelessly touching the body and suing someone but I realized that the handle DOES get hot! I may modify to address that issue.
I really like that. I like the fact that you used already made parts to make this. I hate throwing things away. Have you tried it out yet??? And when is the BBQ??? lol
Thanks E! If you look at the last step, you'll see the yummy products...so it has been &quot;christened&quot;.....but hey, made to be used, right? Lemme know the next time you guys are headed into Hilo on a weekend and have time to stop by and we'll accommodate....<br>Be well~
What's the approx. gauge of the sheet metal?
Well, I FINALLY found a tool I don't have yet (besides a nice plasma cutter, that is). I don't have a gauge tool....I miked it at close to .050 inch which makes it about 16 gauge.
That is one sweet looking box! As a pro cook, I definitely have a stainless fetish. Nice work and thank you for sharing. It gives me some ideas, especially with the corner bending.
i like it, you may find with repeated heatings it distorts quite wildly, but should maintain its overall shape. That and stainless is funny, once heated it looses the initial lovely shine. Thats what mine did, definitely not as nice as yours but similar gauge. At first I thought you converted an old steamer trunk to a BBQ, then realized it was kinda the other way around. Excellent craftsmanship and a great instructable! To reduce warpage you may think about lining it with a thin layer of firebrick, kinda defeating the purpose and all, but it will dramatically extend its life. This is in no way
Hey imin... Thanks for the kind words! I do realize about the discoloration, and it may actually be kinda cool 'cause stainless goes all colors..Steamer trunk indeed....wouldn't want to lug this thing around if it was that big. I guess I should have put the overall dimensions...it is about 10&quot; X 16&quot;...<br>Interesting that you mention firebrick. I do have some that I found somewhere and thought about cutting it into thin slabs on my tile saw and lining the firebox...and may still do that once I figure out how to secure them.<br>Doesn't look like you got to finish your last sentence, though: &quot;There is no way....&quot;?<br>Thanks again and aloha!
whoops, not sure what i was going to say for &quot;there is no way&quot; part. It probably shouldn't warp to bad at that size then, thought the spans were way bigger i guess. And yes, the colours could turn out awesome!
Very well documented! Thanks for sharing this with us!

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