Stainless Bowl Lamp


Introduction: Stainless Bowl Lamp

A simple lamp using a large inox bowl with a reflective inside.

A simple 10mm hole at the bottom is not so easy to make because, stainless steel is quite hard. I used a smaller drill first and then used the 10mm drill.

I used a long lamp adapter to serve as a leg and two rubber patches to prevent the lamp from rolling everywhere.



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    this would work well for a small led hmmmm will have to look around for same kind of bowl

    2 replies

    I used a circle compact fluorescent light bulb because it has a low profile. I guess you think about a multidirectionnal led light bulb ? It could be a good way to difuse the directional light of LEDs.

    well the wide angle led and ficuse it forwed

    Simple and neat.

    Could be an Ikea hack with the benefit that it doesn't look as hacked at all …

    Elegant in it's simplicity, nice project.