Introduction: Stair Safe W/ Arduino Light

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Things needed:

4 pieces: 5" by 1' 6"

2 pieces: 5" by 4"

1 1/4" screws

Wood glue


Step 1: Cut Your Material

Make sure all the measurements are correct.

Step 2: Screw the Pieces of Wood Together

Picture of  Screw the Pieces of Wood Together

Be careful so you don't split the wood.

Step 3: Installing the Arduino (not Needed)

Picture of Installing the Arduino (not Needed)

Leave a corner for installing the Arduino.

To have a light with it go to the Arduino website:

Go under Learning and click Examples

scroll down till you find Blink.

there it will tell you what to do.

Step 4: Screw on the Hinges

Picture of  Screw on the Hinges

screw the hinges onto the back of the project

Step 5: Installation

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You can take out one of your steps to your stairs and install your new homemade safe.

If you have carpet then you may put it on the top of the safe.


seamster (author)2015-06-03

Very interesting idea!

Thanks for sharing your first instructable! :)

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