Introduction: Stairway Picture Hangers

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We have many pictures of my daughter with Santa Claus. To display them during the holidays, we hang them along the side of our stairway. For a while, my wife used ribbon to tie the frames on, or some other labor intensive, non-reproducible method.

I know, First-World problems.

Anyway, I made some metal hangers that slip easily onto the balusters with a hooked end for the frames. Of course, you will have to modify the design to fit your stairs.


  • Metal clothes hangers, or similar stiff wire
  • Pliers to bend the wire
  • Something to cut the wire with

Step 1: Figure Out Dimensions

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Everyone's hanger will be different. Well, in theory two of you could have the same stair layout.....Anyway, we'll look at this in a very general way.

a. long enough to keep the hanger from slipping out of position, but short enough to allow you to slip the hanger into place. (c-a=depth of baluster)

b. width of baluster

c. distance from back of baluster to edge of stair

d. half the width of the baluster (b/2) to center the frame

e. hook needs to be deep enough to line up the top of the frame with the stair

Your first hanger will be a little trial and error, so cut the wire a little long.

Step 2: Bend

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The first three bends are in the same plane (a, b, c, and d are flat).

Bend the last length down and form a hook. You may have to adjust the hook to get the frame height right.

Step 3: Hang

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Slip the hanger around the baluster and lay on the stair.

Hang you picture frame on the hook.



DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-12-25

Great idea for a custom hanger.


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