Introduction: Stamp It, Dap It, Wrap It - Metal Stamping Necklaces With Kate Richbourg at Beaducation - Step by Step Jewelry Making Video Tutorials

This simple FREE class makes stamped pendants really special. Instructor Kate Richbourg shows a quick embellishing technique using free-form wire wrapping and crystals to create a fancy rim on a stamped and dapped metal blank. This design is adaptable to different metal and beads offering a variety of design options.

This class has a running time of 11 minutes.

German Bent Chain Nose Pliers With Ergonomic Handle

German Chain Nose Pliers With Ergonomic Handle

Metal Hole Punch Pliers, 1.8mm hole

Xuron Tapered Flush Cutter

1 lb Brass Head Mallet

2.5" x 2.5" Steel Bench Block

3/32" Period Metal Design Stamp

Economy 10 Piece Dapping Set

Letter Stamp Set - The 1/4 inch Fancy Uppercase Letter Set was used in the class.

Silver permanent marker

Pro Polish Pad (pack of 10)


26g Sterling Silver Round, Dead Soft Wire -1/2 oz (~38.5 ft)

Assortment of 2 - 4mm beads

Assortment of seed beads

Jump Ring - 18 gauge 5mm ID

Metal Blank - In this class, Kate has used a 1" circle.

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