Step 2:

1. Lay out the feathers of choice.

2. Choose your stamp of choice.

3. Load stamp with ink and try it out on a piece of scrap paper.

4. Load stamp with ink and stamp directly onto the feather.

5. Set aside for awhile to ensure they dry fully. I left mine  for a few days until I used them.
The zombie ones are cool! At first I thought you had splatted red paint on them, but now I see you had stamps for that. Where on earth did you find that stamp?
I bought them at Michael's around Halloween. 3.99 for thee pack 3 blood splatters and 1 large book page stamp.
Thats so COOL! im going streight to the store to but feathers. and stamps. and ink. Do you think the ink would ever come off or chip? thanks for the instructible! :P <br>
I used a pigmented ink. Which takes longer to dry, does not fade and stays vibrant. I don't think the ink will chip unless you are really rough on your creation. I have not seen any fading in my pieces yet. I hope that helps and Sony it took so long to respond, I was out of town.<br><br>Here is a link with more on ink types.<br><br>http://www.artwithoutanxiety.com/inkinfo.html
really nice!
Thank you!!!
This is a really nice way to give the feathers more life/make them more interesting :) <br>Cool idea!
I agree, so many ideas of the things you can do with them.
Wow! I would have never thought of stamping on feathers! So cool. Nice work.
Thank you!

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