Picture of Stamped Feathers
This started when I purchased some feathers from Hobby Lobby, they were printed on. I thought well if they can print on feathers I can certainly stamp on them. The process is fairly simple.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Feathers [ I suggest Goose, Duck or Pigeon.]
Pigment Ink Pad

Make sure you have a clean work space and put some paper down to catch bleed through. 

Additional Supplies for feather earrings.

ear wires

Step 2:

Picture of
1. Lay out the feathers of choice.

2. Choose your stamp of choice.

3. Load stamp with ink and try it out on a piece of scrap paper.

4. Load stamp with ink and stamp directly onto the feather.

5. Set aside for awhile to ensure they dry fully. I left mine  for a few days until I used them.

Step 3: Two color stamping

Picture of Two color stamping
You can also use as many colors as you want as long as they can be seen on the Feathers! Alphabet stamps can be used to write little notes.

Step 4: Uses!

Picture of Uses!
Add stamped feathers to letters, invitations, use as a gift tag,  or customize them for earrings! Also would be great to hang from a dream catcher.

For earrings, this is the method I use,

1. Clip the Feather and make a loop with wire.

2. Wrap the end of the wire around the end of the feather.

3. Open ear wire and attach feather!